Wednesday, July 12, 2017


·  A girl getting fucked form behind as she strums her guitar and orgasms.    (idea from a comment).

Next battles from comments:

·  Girl with a large tattoo on her body.
·   Ten Little Piggies (Toes)
·  A female customer enjoying a brand new "cock"tail  at the tavern while the bartender is preparing a new drink adding his special ingredient
·  Threesome with girl in the middle and the dudes on each end holding her up.
·  Slutty girlfriend double penetration.
· Pegging.

Note: Some of the ideas have too much elements for a battle sketch and could be modified.

(If we forget any idea suggested before, feel free to remind it to us).
Which one do you think is the winner? Top one from Xanazz or bottom one, from Root?
If you want to propose themes for future battles, feel free to leave comment with your idea.

1 comment:

  1. Bottom wins, bar none. Goo d job, Root!