Friday, July 20, 2018

For those who are now in summer and for those who are not.

We have something to ask you… You had a rough week…? A boring week…? A great week…? An incredible strange week yet interesting…? Average week…? Then this weekend go out and have some fun, or stay at home but make something special, organise a dinner, go for a walk at the dawn and enjoy the view and the relaxing feeling, or call that old friend and plan something with him/her, go to a pub or a bar and have some laughs, take the car and go on a excursion to a mountain, plan something special for your pet or adopt a pet, see if there is an interesting event near your place and go or organise an interesting event or go to the beach at night… Whatever you’ll do… Have a nice weekend!

(Yeah… we woke up a little kumbaya today)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Battle sketch!

Theme:   Nuns (priestess) raising money with a carwash.  

Next themes:
· Nuns (priestess) shares her ass in church.
· Instagram styled picture.
· Policewoman fucked in prison.
·  Oily massage of three girls (maybe fairies).
· 3 girls

Note: Some of the ideas could be modified.  

Which one do you think is the winner? Top one from U53ful 1d1o7 or bottom one, from Root?

Our patrons can purpose ideas for future sketches

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The king, the queen and the fairy

New animation!

Our 10$+ patrons can watch it in early access.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Animation poll winner!

KQ3 is the sketch winner for the animation of the queen, the king and Elana from the animations polls in our Patreon page (the king is hanging from the ceiling because of circumstances).

Friday, July 13, 2018

New exclusive animation!

“Loola went to her secret place to have some fun with one of her best friend but, there, she found another of her best friends!”
Available for 10$+ patrons. Animation with 9 loops with small variations and sound.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Royal chamber.

"Hi! Would you let me in? I'm a maid and I'm here to clean the royal chamber!"

"... No, you are not."

"Yes! The governess sent me here!"

"... No, she didn't."

"Yes! I.... Okay, fine.... Would you like to play some games with me and then let me in?"

"... No, we wont."

"Okay! Take off your clothes and... Wait... What?!"

"Sorry ma'am,  the king and the queen left us dry-out..."

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Alpha for chapter 2 hotfix

Greetings everyone!
Here comes a hot fix for the latest alpha vs of chapter 2, we’ve read and revised all the feed provided by your comments in the search of bugs and glitches.
After fixing most of them, we’ve decided to bring you some insight explanations about them and, also, to highlight how important is for us the feed you provide every time we release a new version.
As some of you noticed, this version had some issues when looking for some events after reaching max influence in an area.
Well, this was caused because the new under sea area works as two bound areas. Once one of the two areas is maxed out (octopus or merfolk), it should trigger an extra final level on the other area. For example, if you max the merfolk area, the octopus’ area final level will be triggered, showing the final outcome of Elana’s decisions.
This, who seemed to not work properly at all, also made that the rest of areas had an extra final level, so when interacting with a max influenced area as the tavern, it could trigger it’s “next” level, in this case, the management tavern area, making it impossible to see the previous events.
Same for the farms, the houses and the rest of the areas. This was “hard” to spot, cause it needed to be triggered by “increasing” your influence in an already max influenced area. O.o!
Luckily, we’ve fixed the under the sea area and also the rest of the areas, balance has returned to the village once more.
There are some other bugs spotted by the community, here comes some of them:
Cleaning windows Lvl 2, houses area. → typo error on the English script made game crush when supposed to show the image : Fixed.
Miaka, a villager from the church, interacting with her could lead to a game crush. → upon changing the preferences from the villager’s and adding Elana’s strap-on skills, Miaka wanted to keep her old tastes, now she has been reprogrammed to like the current skills: Fixed.
Strap-on skills disappeared after loading a saved game. : Fixed.
Transforming Elana (dialog option) for the third time while doing Rala’s event would crush the game. Tested and not found. Maybe more data is needed to replicate the bug.
Changing the spirits while fighting Setek would freeze/crush the game. Tested and not found.
Although, in any fight, when fast clicking over one of the spirits of the menu, will change the appearance of the actual active spirits (if sliding the mouse over them) but they will keep their abilities. It does not crush the game. Needs to be polished.
Clicking on a friend’s skill in combat (Rala’s fucktality for example) but not executing it, would count as if used. Tested and not found.
Loading a saved game would reset the skill count from Elana’s friends to one only “use charge” available. Tested and found. → As many other things in the game, friends abilities can be used only for a limit number of times per day, this means that the “use charges” count resets after sleeping.
Always remember to sleep after you learn some of these skills (or loading a saved game), so the count will reset to the proper number of “use charges”.
Fixed a bug where Elana might transform without clicking on the button when interacting with the villagers.
Changed the name of the under the sea quest main quest line, now it properly displays “Songs under the sea” instead of  “I feel dirty…” Heh.
New added stuff:

The coins in the down right corner of the screen, have a maximal amount of capacity of 99.999, preventing to get the number cut in half or some other minor issues.

Elana’s and Rala’s ragdolls for trigger event of the under the sea area.

When wining fights against the Peace Guard, Elana receives experience, every time she levels up, her stats increase as well as her SPIRITS stats. (5% per level for the normal Spirits, 10% per level for Spirit of Lust).

An extra image from the hurricane octopus-woman from the under the sea.

There are some minor bugs/glitches that we know, but they don’t crush the game, we’re working to fix them in every version.
Also, we would like to remind that we recommend to not load a saved game from a previous released alpha version, because every time we publish a new version, we make a lot of changes and that may lead to some conflict between versions.

Thanks for your feed, support and understanding!
Have a nice week guys!