Friday, October 15, 2021


 The text on the gif could not be related to what will happen in the game, there is a chance that is something random.

Hi everyone!

We are still stuck with this cinematic animations but we are close to finish them- In fact, this weekend we'll still be working on them and it should be done by Monday which means... Back to sexy time stuff!

Have a nice weekend!    

Friday, October 8, 2021

Glimpse of final world "cinematic" clips and animation poll winners

Hi, everyone!

Here is an image made of some of the clips that will be part of the final world events (we hope and think, this image is confusing enough to not reveal anything important). Beside the sexy time animations planned, we have finally decided to do about 35 of this small animated clips (there are two big events with clips and some will be part of a minigame).  Right now from those 35 all have their sketch, about half of them are fully drawn and 5 are already animated.

We think all clips should be ready during next week and we'll probably have time to begin with the sexy time animations.

Speaking of sexy time animations... Here are also the options winners form the animation poll!

Have a nice weekend!   

Friday, October 1, 2021

To do list and sketches for the animation poll for influenced guards and above tiers.

 Hi, everyone!

We just opened a poll to chose the positions and points of views for the animations for the last world and its minigame for influenced guards and above tiers.

This time, as you can see and to avoid spoilers, the characters in the sketches are "generic" not showing which characters they will be.  Even so and with proper warnings, we'll publish the gif images for the corresponding tiers.

Since we are reaching a point where the spoilers of the ending its becoming a serious thing, we'll be posting and updating our art "to do list" so you'll be able to keep track of our progress. We'll not be doing it with the programming part mainly because, it is difficult to us to present it as a list, and because it should be done before art list is completed.

Even so we'll still publish things that we think don't tell too much as we'll as some others with proper spoiler alerts.

The priority of the work in the following list has been established thinking about that the next version will be played as the game is meant to be (if you don't have the debug codes), purchasing worlds with requirements, having troubles with the destruction spawns attacking the academy and having to pay taxes to Ditty every once in a while. Since play through it will require some time, we are prioritising the parts that will offer the full experience of the story.  


- Necessary to publish Beta version__________________________________________

· Last world backgrounds. (done)
· Last world avatars (done)
· Last world and minigame ragdolls (done)
· Sexy time animations for last world and minigame (0/9)
· Animations for "cinematics" for the last world, minigame and ending (on the making 2/?)(since some of this can take an hour to do and some can take a whole day, we are still not sure which amount of them we'll include. Since this events will jump from avatars dialogues to animations we could decide to do more or less depending on the time is taking us to do it. In future updates of this to do list we'll be more precise).
·Last world art for events (0/8)

(beside the ones listed below, there we'll be a lot of new dialogue events included for the academy and the phone)

· "The cult" chain of events images (0/1)
· "The date" chain of events images (0/2)
· "Lost student" chain of events images (0/1)
· "The entity" chain of events images (0/3)
· "Worlds exploration" chain of events images (0/3)
· "Catch game" chain of events images (0/2)
· "Dissatisfaction" chain of events images (0/1)
· "Servant's festival" chain of events images (0/2)
· "Field to run" chain of events images (0/2)
· "The lord of the fairies" chain of events images (0/3)
· "Spawn hunters" chain of events images (0/3)
· "Suggestion" chain of events images (0/2)
· "The lone guardian" chain of events images (0/1)
- Desirably included in the first beta version but we could decide to leave it for later versions________________________________________________________________________

· Gym events art (0/12)
· Various spirits events art (0/12)
· Jane's office events art (0/7)
· Rala's lessons lvl 0 art (2/17)
· Kaeryn's lessons lvl 0 art (4/17)
· Jenara's lessons lvel 0 art (2/17)
· Moonstruck's class lessons art (0/17)
· Nightfort class lessons art (0/17)
· Camp class lessons art (0/17)

· Ditty events (0/2)

- Planned images that will be probably not be doing for the final version___________________________________________


· Lessons lvl 2 art (0/45)
(Every teacher will be able to level up each lesson to level 1, five to level 2 and three to level 3. All in level 3 will unlock an animation for the lesson and all of them are already done, but we also wanted to add a second image for level two lesson which we'll probably have to cut the fasten the closing of the game).

There is still decent amount of work to do but we are even working some extra hours to finish it as soon as we can. Believe us when we say that there is no one more interested on finishing this project than us since, try to revitalise Knot Games with fresh projects it has become a necessity for several months now but, after all this time and, with all the amazing support we have received, we can't do less than finish it the best we'll can.

We'll be updating the list soon, probably with a prettier image :p

Have a nice weekend!  

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 Elana: Look, Spirit! A shooting star!

Spirit: ...

Spirit: I'm going to assume you don't know what a shooting star is...

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The elves, some pre-release artwork and an awesome fan-art


Finally the elves! Elana doesn't talk much about it but she had a pending conversation with this two that could not happen because of... Cosmic stuff... And she is really eager to have it.   

Here is also some pre-release artwork for the Utopia class and the awesome fan art by SynergicVortex

Have a nice day!     

Friday, September 17, 2021


We have the winner of the next game main character! Nere will be the promising Lust bringer student that will need to be mentored to reach her full potential in the temple of love. At least the first promising student. As mentioned if we see the game is something people likes, we are open to add more students to choose. 

Also we can proudly announce that Elana, Champion of Lust saga is finally fully written. It could seem not much of a deal but for us this is like finally being able to release a breath we've been holding for a couple of years :D Last world will require some work because we have planned quite some animations for there and it will have at least two events with some sort of "cinematics" but we think it will be totally worth it. Now we just have to finish the art and put last things in place!

Here is also some pre-release artwork and next weeks we'll be fully focused on more artwork.

Have a nice weekend!