Thursday, April 28, 2016

Elana is learning new battle skills

Soon upgraded on our next Patreon version.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Alpha 2.2 for patrons


· Lab added in the academy.
· 2 text events added in the lab.
· Beach added in the market.
· 11 text events added in the beach during day
· 6 text events added during nigth in the beach
· 4 text events added while sleeping in the nest.
· 4 text events added while sleeping in the tabern.
· 6 text events added during night in “rural” areas.
· 1 text event added during night in the forest.
· 5 text events added during night in “urban” areas.
· 2 images added in the market.
· 1 image added in the houses.
· 2 two images added for the “acuatic supplies contamination” in the beach and in the forest. Now the spell will be needed to perform there.
· Church fixed.
·Now Elana can visit only four places before she wants to go to sleep.


· Night is still quite “fresh” and could need adjustments.

· Some of this events needs to be triggered with other events or actions. As an example some of the rural events will not apear until a night event in the nest has apeared or a night event in the beach neither apear until events with Rala are completed.

· Lots of pop-ups with effects apear in this events but most of this effects doesn't work.
· Night inkeeper events should randomly apear with the other night events in the tabern but now apears always before the other events.

· Leave the hot springs at night now makes you go directly to the map but it shuld send Elana first to the market.

· If you use the debug code to activate all skill next time you load the game will only allow you to perform acuatic supplies once.

Monday, April 4, 2016

New exclusives

New exclusives.
Villagers strike back and Costume service uncensored avalible for $10+ patrons.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Alpha 2.1.8 for patrons / Alpha 2.1.2 public released (Very buged but we had fixed most on 2.1.8)

This is a pre monthly alpha since we are going to publish another one probably at the end of next week.

Alpha 2.1.8 upgrades:

·Sounds. We had added new musics, sounds on some images and most od the clips, singulars... and a little balancing with the volume.

· Fixed a lot of bugs. Could still apear a bug freezing in the farm we've ben noticed about but we couldnot find it so we could not work on it. Still a couple minor bugs to

fix and some new could apear but it should be quite debuged.

· New alarm system. Now the chance of being caught works different. All areas have it's own beginning alarm wich determines the chance of being caught plus the plus alarm every action have. Also actions will increase more or less the alarm for further actions. There is two types of alarms, the base and the added by the actions. The base alarm of the area can be decreased by reaching the 100% of infulence in other areas and the increased, by letting the time pass, wich force the player alternate the areas to play.

· Provisional symbols for the actions stats. Also now the actions doesn't work the influence the same always. As the influence is rised in the areas, the actions are easier to perform but will give less influence.

·Added 7 images for observing events in the castle and one in the houses.

·Gallery updated.

Alpha 2.1.2 upgrades:

New spirit design

The other day we were thinking that the old design of the spirit was a little too serious for this game and we decided to change it to this new one, wich is more in line with the project.