Monday, May 23, 2016

Kaeryn and Holy (Sponsored by Vince77)

Animation avalible for our $10+ patrons.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Coed baths

Villager: May I?

The villager dives into a pond full of boys

Villager: Well... are you always so quiet and so red?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alpha 2.5 for patrons / Alpha 2.2 public release

Alpha 2.5


· New combat system.

· Now, you start the fights with the skills basic attack, rumors and magic wind and when the skills heat, spirit form, visions, spontaneous arousal, sexy walkabout, kiss, masturbate, bad touch and foreplay are purchased, are also avalible for combat.

· Now for every enemy you defeat you earn 5 points of experience if you win the fight.

· Now Elana fight her enemies only to orgasms instead of beating them by force.

· Combat training now only upgrades basic attack.

· Sorcerers and adepts added as enemies.

· More or less the skills and its effects are already explained when performed but as a little guide of how it works some of the special features:
- When the enemys still have armor, the damage the messages say Elana does its already the half of it.
- The only attack that affects the armors its the basic attack.
- Spirit form last for two turns and make Elana have high chances of dodge attacks.
- Heat acts as a passive skill upgrading magic wind.
- Visons and spontaneous arousal upgrades magic wind too but must be activated while in combat.
· About 70 images added for the combat.

Alpha 2.2 upgrades: