Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016


Elana shoud be careful or the people on the island will not be the only ones who will end up influenced.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016

Alpha 2.1.2 for patrons / Alpha 2.0 public release

Here we are again. We have made quite changes so some things are still open or quite concrete to find but we'll try to give here enough hits so you can find everything it's new on it.

Alpha 2.1.2 upgrades:

· "Try to fix it" button. This is button is to clean al saved datas from the actual game and old games. Sometimes, the save files, could be deleted or corrupted by a Ccleaner or some PC could find an incompatibility with old versions data and produce some load erros. This is a problem we never had, but a couple of people told us about it and we just wanted to put a temporary solution.

· Fixed academy entrance text.
· Rala bow again in the shop.

· Fixed faces of the villagers in singualr characters events.

· All minigames difficulty decreased (maybe on the definitive version we'll increase it a little).

· Pop ups to warn if you want want to buy skills, when you recive an object...

·Now you have to buy the trainings and the steal as they were an skill. After that every time you'll do the tranings it will cos expirience, but will always be a minimum reward (The descriptions of the tutorial now doesn't totally match with the trainings but the mechanics are the same).

· Added new images and objects for the inventory (the flute is still difficult to see but we already have another one mor visible prepared for the next version ^^u)

· Time implemented. Now the time pass and the backgrounds change with it. Added little clips when starts day and night.

· Night added. It will work diferent because actions will not be able to perform at night but some especial events only will happen at night. Random events mechanics implemented but no random events to see yet.

· Now move aronund the map and do acctions cost time (Also added a little clock to be aware of what time is it)

· Added a very basic list of stats in the menu.

· Fixed aquatic supplies. Now is a consumable.

· Now to rest you have to go to Elana's nest or the room in the tavern (will have different handicaps or benefits in future but not right now.

· Added some subaras: Hot springs, Elana's nest, room in the tabern and barn (Now Rala's shop works also like a sub area). When unlockeds an arrow will apear inside the areas to go there. Some, like hot springs, now are unlocked but in future will need have some influence in the area or complete an event to have access. Also working, but not implemented on a room in the church, beach, and castle archives ( here you can check how they will look http://img110.xooimage.com/files/..). Planed to add too: Fairy village, crypt in the church, royal chambers, barracks and lab, archmage chamber and classrooms in the academy.

· Little chain of events (with 6 images) to unlock observing events in the hot springs. Will be needed to go the hot springs during the day, do the right choices and use an object from Rala's shop for it. To make the hot springs events advance, will be needed to perform acuatic supplies, now in the square but in future will be in the hot springs too.

· Little chain of events to unlock the room in the tabern (with 3 images). Night event with an animation when unlocked. Needed to finish Twin bards events to unlock the ragdoll of the innkeeper to start the chain.

· Little chain of events to perform ritual 3 (with it's animation) and it's consecuences (bard actions not implemented). Needed to have 30% of influence in all areas to see the begining of the chain event in Elana's nest and and object must be found to continue.

· Castle events implemented. Some events on the gates but Eel pie Loola gives Elana now will be needed to have access (toll image). Now the ragdolls are very small but we'll probably change it in future.

· Two more events added for Kaeryn (2 images and 1 animation). Last one will only aper in certain area.

· 4 images in the academy, 1 image for low level event in the square, 1 image for low level event in the church and 1 animation for a high level event in the farms (This last one just finished today and since we didn't had time to upgrade the gallery, added to the server. Name: ride).

· Probably forgetting somthing...

Known bugs:

· When day change to night and vice versa, backgrounds and clip of the day and night can apear when it's not the time.

· Somthing are out of place because are halfmade.

Alpha 2.0 upgrades: 

Wet and Rala exclusive by U53ful 1d1o7

Uncensored image added for $10+ patrons.


We'll hopefully update the new alphas (Patreon and public) this early morning if we don't find to much problems closing it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Influence has arrived to the academy

“A professor is teaching a lesson.
Professor: You have to feel it coming from within, from your chest!!
With his movements he pats the breasts of the student before him.
Professor: Good grief. Sorry, miss…  I didn’t intend to… KNCOCK, KNOCK!
The wizards give two quick tugs at his student’s breasts.
She looks back at him, blushing.
Alumna: Professor!
Professor: What’s happening to me…?
His hands rise, trembling, fingers pointed like claws.
Professor: Um… er… let’s move to the training grounds… er…
He moves his arms in order to signal them to advance but he hits a student’s ass with his movement.
Alumna: Hey! Ouch….professor!!"

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Night itching

New animation added for $10+ patrons.

We are finishing some things of the alpha so probably the release will be at the end of the week.