Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Loola minigame and alpha release

Minigame added in early access for $10+ patrons

We are finishing the alpha release but I'm afraid we don't have enough time to end it this week. The release will be the week 4 to 10 of January (public release too because after we finish the patreon version we want to adjust a couple of things in the public).

At least, the training minigames as well as Loola, Supreme Sister Jane and the academy will be updated.
Elana ask for forgiveness for the developers.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Comments on game page

Seems we have reached a maximum comments on the game page and we can't aswer them (we should but for some reason doesn't charge). We'll soon close the comments on that page and respond them on this post.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Training combat

I would like to point out, due to some complaints we recived lately, that this minigames and animations we post for $10+ patrons are just early access. Having the animation is not the same as include it into the game. Obiously include it into the game and make it work or have the proper events and mechanics ready for it, take more time and work. We just include it as soon as we got it in early access as it's written on the $10+ tier rewards since the begining of this Patreon campaing but that doesn't mean we are not already working to include it into the alphas.

(Other case is when we made animations or events asked as a reward from a patron and the part of the story where it fits it's not yet done, in wich case will be included when the developement reach that part)

Thanks for yout time and comprehension.

Minigame added in early access for $10+ patrons with the pass.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Training strength

Elana is training to increase her energy but she's disturbing Spirit's meditation. Will the Spirit stay focus?

Minigame added for $10+ patrons.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Uncensored version added for $10+ patrons 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Study training minigame!

Elana is trying to study but she's having troubles to focus!

Animation added for $10+ patrons.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


The adept is praying to ask for time so we can finish all updates we have planed this month.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alpha 1.9 for patrons / Alpha 1.8 public release

Alpha 1.9


· Diferent text display to make it more fluid.
·Music changed. (music by
·Load bar.
·Sounds added to foreplay actions.
·Rala salutes when Elana visits the shop.
·Life potion added at the shop.
·Training books added at the shop.
·Flute added at the shop.
·Mountain background.
·Elves show up at the mountain (nothing else to see besides diferent elves. Keep walking).
·Academy background.
·New ritual added. First ritual gives 20 magic points and new 60 but mus be
upgraded in future.
·Train increase the maximum points of magic and energy. Combat training disabled until well implemented (Some people said that this trainings was a little boring and long so we'll make it longer... but with minigames... in future).
·Now you can find the bards at the tavern . Two images and a minigame. After you complete al events you'll get an special object (nothing to do with that yet) and you can repeat the minigame every time you want (gives somemoney).
·Now you can find Wet Pussy Girl at all areas. First event apear since the begining of the game but the second event will only apear after you complete all Rala events (2 animations and 5 images events). After all events you'll get an object.
·5 images added for the church events.
·4 images added for the square events.
·1 image added for the farm events.
·Now you can do “Fucktalities” in combat. Increase the arousal of the guards will
increase the posibility to perform “foreplay” on them and leave them K.O (we have to add and make lots of things into the fights but maybe it will take a whole month so we'll add small things while we work on other stuff for now).

Known bugs:

·Titles for the areas and the actions can disappear but it can be fixed saving and loading the game.
·If the auto-observe is activated, first time you find a singular character a frame apears out of places but the event starts normally after a mouse click.
·Sometimes you have enough points to perform an action but it apears disabled. Moving the mouse on the bars (energy, magic, exp..) will fix it.
·In a fight if you do the “fucktality” and the oral female animation apears you'll see the crazy tits bug.
·In a fight if you do the “fucktality” the music of the action stays until the end of the
·After the intro and the tutorial the music and sound levels goes to the minimum and you have to set it again in the options.

Alpha 1.8 upgrades: