Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chapter 2 Alpha 0.7 for patrons/ Chapter 2 Alpha 0.4 and Chapter 1 Beta 1.8 public release.

Chapter 2 Alpha 0.7 for patrons:


· Added a button to see the preferences of the villagers when Elana is with them to perform the actions.
· Fixed bug that showed all villagers likes footjob.
· Added skips at the intro, events and actions (some of them will need to be removed).
· Added sound at night.
· Now you can go under the sea, to the mountain and to the east of the island (some of the places will need events completed or objects to go there in future).
· Added new areas and backgrounds for: Elven city, Elven village, Elven throne, Forbidden path, Merfolks castle, Ship graveyard, Path of the forest, Wild people village, Renegades village, Warehouse door Warehouse, Battle camp, Battle field, Portal and Archmage tower.
· Added framework on the text.
· Now you can see the cost of the skills.
· Now if you doesn't have energy or magic points, you can't perform actions.
· Now you can recover your energy and your magic points in Elana's nest.
· Fixed some issues on the report of the actions.
· Added an event at the river.
· Added an event at the path of the forest.
· Added some events at the Renegades village.
· Some actions now have sound.
· Action footjob added.
· Some balancing.

Chapter 2 Alpha 0.4 and Chapter 1 Beta 1.8 public release



  1. Hey the game doesn't appear on chapter 1 and 2 I have downloaded flashplayer still nothing what can I do ?

    Thanks in advence !

    1. Could be you internet browser is blocking it.

    2. Could be your internet browser is blocking it.

  2. It's me again ! I clicked on the shield thingy and chapter one is working atm ! sorry for bothering

    1. I think it's an update of google chrome, it happens to mee too.

  3. do you guys plan to put more trimmed/hairy pussies? they're 98% shaved, well, it doesn't bother me at all, i just like to see some diversity sometimes. i guess i'm not the only one thinking about it. *I DON'T THINK THIS IS A PROBLEM, try to see it as a recommendation.

    great work with the game btw, i'm loving it and i follow you guys since the 0.9(i think). unfortunately i can't be a patreon, but i'd love to support you, good luck guys, keep up the great work. :)

    1. Thanks for your kind words and the suggestion.

      We have to think more on it. We just forget about to add more variety sometimes

  4. Really hot. Hope Elana gets to use a strapon at some point though.

  5. Footjob animations look hot. Will there be normal form Elana (as in petite form) giving footjob? What about other actions for both forms: normal and enhanced? Such as fuck, anal, blowjob, etc. Will there be an animation of Elana giving footjob to two guys at once with foot on one dick and other on other dick? What about Dp? In ch. 1 alpha something, I noticed we can enter elf village/city, but not in beta. Will there be elves in ch.2? What about dark fairies aka shadow thingies with red eyes? Are they in final form?

    For actions, what will be the highest level? I noticed NPC level hit 4. Does it mean there will be lvl 4 animation for blowjob, footjob, titjob, etc?

    In battle, will magical talking dildo that can turn into Obito-like golem fight along with Elana? What about potion witch and elf assassin? Speaking of which, will witch and assassin have footjob, fuck, titjob, and anal animation in ch.2?

    Will Elana achieve next form and beyond? Is that possible? Will our hero prevail the main villain or will she succumb to eunuch status as in lacking vagina and butthole because villain use magic. (joke)

    I'm asking all these questions (sorry if they annoy you), because ch.2 is looking awesome.

    1. There is actually both versions for the actions. About actions with more characters, probably on chapter 3. There is no possibility to go to the elf area in public releases but yes there will be elves and other thingies on chapter 2.

      Only two levels for skills.

      We are still deciding how battles will go but Elana will have friends to help her. The assassin will have some more animations but not all.

      Elana will reach another transformation at least.

      Don't worry about the questions. We are glad you like our work ^^

  6. So I am not seeing anyone in other locations besides forest tavern houses and market. Not many animations. Is there something wrong with the alpha i am using?