Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alpha 1.8 for patrons / Alpha 1.6 public release

Alpha 1.8


-Sound options works again.
-Now numbers will show when you perform actions.
-Now you can choose at the options if you whant the auto-observe.
-Now the shop works.
-Now the inventory works.
-Some items added (special potion animation included)
-Fixed save bug.
-Some sounds added.
-Combat recoded.
-Some aesthetic changes in the combat.
-Back button for actions.
-Aesthetic changes for the interface texts.
-Now you can click the full sentence on the dialogue choices.
-Now you can find Tina the farmer at the farms(3 images and one animation)
-After Tina's events you can fork farming and earning money.
-Now you can be caught when stealing.
-Villagers now can have black hair.
-1 animation added when observing to the farms.
-1 animation added whern observing to the forest.
-4 images events added to the forest.
-2 images events added to the tabern.
-Added background for the farms.
-Added new images for the talents.

Known bugs:

-If you don't have any sound device conectet to your pc the game will not start.
-Should be fixed but could be that the back button doesn't work and then you have to do an action to reactivate it.
-When the auto-ovserve is actived, when a singular sharcacter shows up some buttons apear, but the disapear whith just a click. 

Alpha 1.6

upgrades from 1.4:
upgrades from:


  1. Where is the shop?

    1. You have find Rala and do the right chooices until she says she could sell Elana some things, then a button apear in the forest to go there

    2. How do I find Rala? I've got all of the locations to 100% influence and maxed Elana's still tree on version 1.6, but I still haven't met any other singular characters.

    3. The singular characters apear when observing the areas. Kaeryn can apear everywhere but Rala only apears in the forest

  2. When will be release in android?

    1. Hi, this one will not be released in android because prepare it for android take us quits time and now we don't have much :P but it will be future publications for android

    2. So you this wont be realesed on android ):