Monday, June 5, 2017

Elana gang

“They are too many... We better come back to the shelter of the night,” says Kaeryn.
“Too many? Wanna bet something?” Says Elana with an air of superiority.
“It's too dangerous. Even you... Hey! Where are you going? No!”
Uncensored image added for $10+ patrons.


  1. greetings ..
    I wish to thank all for your amazing effort in creating this game and i hope to see it continue to flourish.. i have a small query regarding these amazing patreon only images.
    Will there be a time where some of the previous images released quite a while back of the patreon only gallery be available towards the non patreons as some are unable to provide funds due to various circumstances . ofcourse i do not mean all the images , but perhaps the very first images released , hence i would like to offer this idea of once a month a old censored becomes uncensored or something along this?
    Thank you for the amazing game and do not stop along this path.

    1. Maybe when we'll have 30-40 we'll start releasing the old ones.