Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Loola minigame and alpha release

Minigame added in early access for $10+ patrons

We are finishing the alpha release but I'm afraid we don't have enough time to end it this week. The release will be the week 4 to 10 of January (public release too because after we finish the patreon version we want to adjust a couple of things in the public).

At least, the training minigames as well as Loola, Supreme Sister Jane and the academy will be updated.
Elana ask for forgiveness for the developers.


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  2. i cant seem to beat this part and i get stuck after completing the minigame and it just plays normal dialougue...

    1. That could be an error draged from another place (just checked and worked fine). We are looking for what could be it make it get stuck.

      Anyway seems a load of information problem at some point. If you clean the cookies and play again this problem should not apear (also usually works better on google chrome)