Monday, July 6, 2015

Plans for July

· Expirience system (also actions will get easier with more influence). 

· Prepare the forum and the voting system fore $5+ patrons · Add more sounds.

· Change observing system. Now events will show when clicking any area before choosing actions. Will consume some magic and energ.

· Start rewriting some code to make it more eficient. 

· Write more 1rst level events. 

· Add some singular character stuff. 

· Two more backgrounds.

 · At least two more animations. 

· At least 3 more images.


  1. I think that different voices depeding of the character that Elana meet would be awesome.

    1. We'll try. We have some diferent voices from listentopo but it's not always easy find a good fragment to make what we need on every animation. Plus we are not very good yet at audio edition, but thats the idea