Friday, June 8, 2018

Week and alpha report!

    Sorry we’ve not been  publishing a lot this week. Tends to happens when we’ll focus on text and mechanics for a while which is been the case and we don’t have material to tease you for next alpha :P

Even so, next alpha is looking pretty good, we have almost written all events for the under the sea area, which will be 50-60 and hopefully we’ll be able to add about 30 images by the week of the release.

Berserk has been trying his writer skill on some side events and we’ll be able to add some more events here and there ^^

Also Knot has been working on some mechanics such the possibility to level up Elana through defeating enemies and increase her stats in and out the combats. This will be applied for the spirits too but we are not sure if we’ll be able to include it in this month release. Also among others he’s been working on smoothing the interface of the actions and the preferences of the villagers (Jumps through loops of the animations more smooth, better information of the preferences in the book, icons to know if the actions are going to be liked by the villager before performing it and such).

Hope you had a nice week and are going to have a better weekend!

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