Friday, May 18, 2018

Alpha of chapter 2 for patrons

And with the academy, we close the main areas from chapter 2 ^^.

After this, we just need to finish the surroundings (Maybe “just” is not the best word because there are still singular characters to add, a war, the big dance, the under sea area... but we are a big step closer to finish the chapter). In the next version we'll open the under the sea area (open an finish if we can).

Hope you'll enjoy it and have a nice weekend!


· Fixed bug from the 1.5.2 (a bug affecting the combat, singular characters, the renegades warehouse and some other places).
· Fixed a bug from Hulbert battle where, if in the third phase of the combat, you defeated an acolyte and then the other before Hulbert's turn, he would remain invulnerable.
· Now the scan skill button remains when loading a saved game.
· Fight difficulty has been reduced (for both patrols and bosses).
· Added bad events in the tavern management.
· Added the possibility to hire security to prevent the bad events.
· Added all possible workers to hire in the tavern (some will need to be unlocked through observing events).
· When you click on a worker, a window will appear showing their full image and a sentence for every costume (in the future, there will be an observing event for every costume).
· The worker in the kitchen adds benefits per client in the restaurant area.
· Balanced workers stats (some could be more useful in some place at some moment than another one).
· The mechanics of the management is mostly done.
· Added 28 images of workers with different costumes (naked version only available in the gallery right now).
· Added quest log. Now main events or events difficult to find or trigger have a chain of quests so they can be easily complete.
· Added button to wait until night.
· New menu interface (activated moving the mouse to the top of the screen). From left to right the butons there are, Elana's menu (with the skills and the inventory), quest log, spirits menu, buton to wait until night, save button and options button.
· Added academy with it's ragdolls for the events and ten villagers to perform social actions with.
· Added 20 observing events in the academy and about 12 images.
· Added 1 image for observing events in the tavern.
· Added 1 image for observing events in the forest.
· Added 4 images for night events in the market.
· Added 3 images for the nymph events, which can appear in all areas with 50% chance to show an image and 50% chance to restore Elana's and spirits stats
· Added 1 animation for observing events in the forest.
· Added 1 animation for observing events in the market.
· Gallery updated

Content summary:
· 20 events (about 10,000 words counting the workers of the tavern sentences)
· 21 images + 28 workers outfits (7 workers with 3 outfits and naked version).
· 2 animations.

Known bugs:
· Non-crashing bug when fighting Setek. The armour bar may look like if she had more armour than her actual amount.
· Non-crashing bug when fighting Setek. Sometimes the target mark will appear over the place where one of her minions has fallen, still can't be target with skills and should not affect the rest of the fight.
· Non-crashing bug when fighting Hulber. After he resurrects his minions, the two Stallos Wordbringers bars(H.p. and Armour) may look empty, but the real amount will be shown once they're hit by some harming ability.
· Non-crashing bug when fighting Hulbert. If Kaeryn's first skill is used, he also will lose his armour despite he will remain dressed the rest of the fight.Should not affect the rest of the fight.
· Bards second song (the one that restores mana and energy) only restores Elana's mana and spirit power points (not energy, yet).

If you find any problem, please tell us and we'll do a hotfix next week.


  1. Added button to wait until night. Esto me hizo tan feliz jajajaja. Ya lo voy a probar y les diré los bugs que encuentre. Pinta muy muy bien el update!

  2. does this version's gallery contains all the animation from game?

    1. Yes, but right now it's a reward for our 10$+ patrons. In future we'll add an unlockable one for everyone.

  3. where is this gallery... is it like the houses @ night in chap 1

    1. Right now, in chapter 2, it's a reward for our 10$+ patrons. In future we'll add an unlockable one for everyone.

  4. When will this version be available to the public?

    1. More or less from day 18 to 25 if this month.

  5. De las versiones más estables del juego, no me tiro un solo crash ni bug ni nada,realmente cada vez se lucen más. La taberna funciona muy bien y los diseños de los personajes y trajes son geniales. Disfrute mucho jugar esta versión. Que día aproximadamente sale la release para patreons de este mes?

    1. Gracias! La siguiente publicación está planeada entre el día 18 y 25 de este mes.