Thursday, March 1, 2018

Battle sketch…! … And release status…

Next alpha for patrons is mostly done but we want to polish a couple of things and test a couple of other things so our plan is to release it on Monday 5. This month we’ll not do a public release because there is a couple of problems with the combat with the previous version and we’ll wait until march… BUT we’ll release the animation clip with Jane and her improvable scenario :) Also the rest of the exclusive arts will be published soon as well as the sketch comic (it will take a little more for the sketch comic…).

Just in case tomorrow we forget to do another post… Have a nice weekend!

Now… Battle sketch!

Theme: Blowbang with big breasted teacher. 

 Next themes:
· Getting naughty in the sky resort.
· Public bathroom.
· Eating pussy in the office.
· Nun (priestess) wears transparent clothes in public place, maybe with sex-toys in. 
· Licking honey from the feet of an elf girl.
· A succubus/demoness giving a footjob.
·  A pregnant wife offers her husband some fresh milk (More loving than sexual).
· Belly dancer public masturbation.
· Nuns (priestess) raising money with a carwash. 

Note: Some of the ideas could be modified.  

Which one do you think is the winner? Top one from Haze Om, middle one from U53ful 1d1o7 or bottom one, from Root?

Our patrons can purpose ideas for future battles.


  1. Will the next public release be the one that you’re releasing on Monday or the one you released a month ago?

  2. Root's artstyle has a special place in my pants, so I'd say he wins this one. The other two are amazing in their own way, however.

    You should totally do more futa, maybe some sort of futa teacher and a female student.