Sunday, January 28, 2018

Exclusive arts and sad news

We have some sad news, Xanazz will no longer work on this project or making exclusives, contributing with his awesome art. 

We are already talking with another awesome artist who will work on the exclusive arts and the battle sketches and, hopefully, soon we'll be able to introduce to you. Meanwhile, Root will take care of the work left.

About the exclusive arts, top one with the queen Aroliana is available for 10$+ patrons and bottom one with Elana is available for 1$+ patrons.


  1. WTF?! Xanaxx is no longer working? Then what will happen now? Will it affect the game? Would the game will have the same fate like BREEDING SEASON?

    Please tell how important this man and what are his contributions to your works...

    1. This comment went to spam section for some reason.

      No, don't worry. Xanazz now was working only on exclusive arts and battle sketches.