Friday, November 3, 2017

To do list

Some of you may wonder and some of you already asked... What is left on chapter 2?

So here is a rough list of the big blocks left on chapter two and a rough description of what you can expect on every alpha.

Blocks of chapter 2 left:
· Castle
· Church
· Academy
· Hot springs
· More beach
· Castle archives.
· Training area.
· Room in the church.
· Crypt.
· Blacksmith.
· The seer.
· Church of Elana.
· Tavern managing.
· Night events (triple?).
· Sleep/dream events
· Under the sea (still a lot to think about this).
· More elven events (more or less the double).
· Wild people.
· Renegades arena.
· Renegades military camp.
· Demon's war.
· Demon's dimension.
· Finish spirits.
· Finish objects.
· Card game.
· Mage boss.
· Priest boss.
· Warrior boss.
· Demon boss.
· Aly and Lily (not real sisters by the way, no one is relative to any one in this island of clones).
· Loola.
· King and Queen.
· Archmage.
· Holy Belle.
· Jenara.
· Morrow.
· Some more of Scylla.
· Jane.
· Ending.

What can you expect of a month/month and a half alpha?

Every alpha will have, more or less 2-4 points of this lists, 5,000 to 15,000 word for events, 15 to 30 images and 2 to 4 animations.

Even so coding, writing and drawing it's not an exact science. Some of the blocks of the list could take a full month of work and some, because of story matters can't be fully finished in the same release. We also work on events from the polls, reward events and, even working to publish regular updates, all the work we do can't always be reflected on the monthly alpha.

Some of the points could disappear or change during the development.


  1. Cool, something to look forward to! Thank you for even keeping the poor people informed. Speaking of which when do you plan on releasing the next version? I read something about friday?