Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Alpha 1.3.3 and alpha 1.2 for patrons

Alpha 1.3.3:


· Now if there is no one imprisoned the event of the guard will not appear in the prison. 

· Now will not appear empty pages when you try to release the villagers from prison.
· Now the health and magic potions in combat will be the same you have in your inventory. 
· Added about 80 sounds. 
· Fixed image when you enter the warehouse of the renegades village during night.
· Now Rala will give you the amulet to see the magic ingredients and spirit essences and a flask to catch this essences (you’ll also be able to buy it in the warehouse of the renegades village). 
· Now when you craft spirits it will appear a short text event with their image. 
· Now Rala’s and Kaeryn’s trainings will work with a multiple choice dialogue instead of an arrow. 
· Now spirits health points will stay the same they end the fights. 
· Added spirit inventory menu where you can choose their position during fights and heal them using one of their spirit essences.
· Now spirits can be summoned and replaced in combat, counting as one of Elana’s turns. 
· Fixed some of the aegis of stallos block action synergies.
· Now you can create the spirit of happiness and use her in combat (3 attacks and 4 images). 
· You can create the spirit of envy and use her in combat after you finish her events (3 attacks and 3 images in combat).
· Added 8 events for Tina with 9 images
· Once finished Tina’s events, you’ll be able to train her (3 images)
· Once finished Tina’s events you’ll be able to work in the influence fields to earn money. 
· Added minigame during Tina’s events (with a half animation ending). · Once Tina is trained you’ll be able to use her with the villagers (2 animations).
· Now you’ll be able to use Tina during combat (2 attacks with 2 half animations). 
· Added small addition in the first morphic fairy event in the farms. This event will allow Elana to return to the fairies hive with her sisters.
· Added fairies hive with 5-10 events (some can be seen again to find new images) with 20 images 
· Added outdoor events during night.
· Added chain of events of envy spirit. When you see an special event in the fairies hive, if you had created the spirit of envy or, when you create the spirit of envy if you have seen the event in the fairies hive, an event will appear opening a chain of events during night with 6 more events  (7 images added.
· Added 2 events for Wet Pussy Girl during night (2 images and 1 animation).
· Added 6 guards events during night (1 image)
· Added 4 furry club events during night. 
· Added 2 images in the farms.
· Added 1 image in the male elves village.
· Added 1 image in the tavern.
· Added 5 images in the square.
· Added 1 image in the market. 

Alpha 1.2 for android:
This is not just the 1.2 version. Aside the content of the 1.2 ( by and large, forest, farms, square, houses, tavern, market, renegades village, female elven city, male elven village, Rala, Kaeryn, Scylla, combat and spirit crafting among others) it also has some of the mechanic updates of the 1.3.3, such as new sounds, spirit of happiness and envy and the fairy village (not all the content).
Also there is a bug/malfunction when picking up items from the inventory and to move them for selling them. In order to sell the items in Rala’s shop you have to pick them and tap on the last column of squares from Rala’s inventory. 


  1. HI guys can you perhaps please post the 1.2 for android download link on this page pleeeease.
    For some reason my browser cannot open the patreon page anymore I have no idea why...

  2. When will the free version of 1.3.3 be out ?

  3. When is this going to public

  4. will it have the minigame

  5. The loading screen wont go away. And I cant tight click 'play' to get past the vppp loading screen anymore.

    1. It can happen with some browser. If you try with google chrome it should work fine.

  6. Please please please make a new interdimensional potion for chapter two. That was the best and most original experience I've ever had in a lewd game in chapter one.

  7. Can u tell me on what swf players does the swf file work because I get the same vppp on most of the players please help

    1. This usually happens with microsoft browsers. If you use google chrome should not happen.

  8. donde esta el link para la version publica de android?

    1. En la página de overview de nuestro patreon encontraras el link the la version publica del capitulo 1. (la 2 aún es para patrons).