Friday, January 13, 2017

Empress Kaeryn

"Before forge any treaty, the empress, always wanted to test the strength of her future allies"

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  1. Is ther posible to find walkthrough, just i spend many hours to find music instrument and still not found him?

    1. Nope. The closer to a walkthrough of the game is the seer but you can always ask us.
      You'll find the instrument in Rala's shop, in the forest. She'll let you go there if you finish all her events.

    2. hi! need your help!
      I found yellow, blue and green stones for the academy. I can't imagine where to find 2 more of them. and I can't get to the casstle. can you help with advices?

    3. Hello,

      There is to sigils very similars which could seem yellow, the one for the middle of the door, can be found from Jane in the church and the other in the market, from loola. The red one is in the castle (and you'll enter the castle with the eel pie from Loola).

      Hope it help!

    4. thanks. it helped!!!