Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chapter 2 Alpha 0.4 - Chapter 1 Beta 1.8 for patrons / Chapter 2 Alpha 01 - Chapter 1 Beta 1.6 public release


Chapter 2 Alpha 0.4 upgrades:

· Now the villagers can be level up with the actions. Also if the villager doesn't have enough level, he/she will not allow Elana do more advanced actions (once they are at level 4 they are maxed, the game allows you to keep going but you will not achieve anything else with it).
· Now the areas level up with the sum of the influence of all villagers of the area.
· Now the actions must be purchased as on chapter 1 (every action now cost 1000 exp points but it will be adjusted in future).
· Added small tutorial/dialogue after the intro to explain a little the new way the game works.
· Now the bars of stats (energy, magic, experience) work. The magic and energy can't be refilled but once they are empty you can keep doing actions. To show the bars you have to click on the watch.
· Now, where you hit on the bar minigame before actions determine Elana's performance, and the result of the influence.
· Now the preference of the villagers affects the result of the influence (magic attacks still neutral).
· Now when Elana learns the name of a villager this is added to a book in the inventory. Also when Elana does the magic action “Scan” on a villager, his/her preferences will appear in the book (The book still need interface and, once finished, every time Elana learns something new of the villager because she made an action with he/she, this information will appear in the book).
· Added all magic base magic actions (the action “visions” show different results depending on the Elana's transformation).
· Added titjob/dildo actions (4 animations).
· Added English texts for the farms.
· Added tavern with it's ragdolls and texts, both in Spanish and English.
· Adjusted and translated some texts for the actions.
· Now you have the button to go directly to the morning.
· Added 2 animations and 3 images for the observing events on the farms.
· Added 2 images for observing events on the forest.
· Added 4 images for observing events on the market.
· Added 3 images for observing events on the tavern.
· Now the first debug code from chapter 1 (the one which unlock all actions and make them always succeed) works but only activating all actions and giving the best result if Elana succeed with her performance . During next week we'll upload another version with the possibility to use the debug code to unlock the gallery.

Known bugs:

Well, lots of thing to be polished, colors of pieces the animation which changes, when you use the button to go to the morning everything appear like in night until you enter an area, floating numbers and animations of the levelling up of the villagers need to be adjusted... Anyway, we have found a lot of little things, but feel free to report anything you think it could be rellevant

Chapter 1 Beta 1.8 upgrades:

· Added 5 images for observing events on the castle.
· Added 7 images for observing events on the forest.
· Added 10 images for observing events on the square.
· Added 1 image for observing events on the tavern.
· Added 2 images for observing events on the academy.
· Added 4 images for observing events on the houses
· Added 1 image for observing events on the farms.
· Added 8 images for observing events on the market.
· Added a little tutorial/dialogue the first time you fight.
· Fixed a little bug making appearing the forest on the crypt during dawn and dusk.
· Fixed the skipped texts on the castle doors, academy doors, blacksmith and seer.


Chapter 2 Alpha 0.1 upgrades:
· Recoded adapting the old functionality from chapter 1 to work with the new features of chapter two.
· Recoded the ragdoll system to consume less resources.
· You can move between the areas but only the market, the forest and the farms are functional.
· Time implemented but now work a little different. Move between areas will cost time and in future will cost time and energy. Also Elana will be able to move until her energy is gone, even at night (during night, move between the areas to make the day start again).
· Now every area have it's own villagers (10 for now) and Elana will influence them particularly. If you use the action conversation, Elana will learn their name, but in future will work with all physical skills.
· New skill trees implemented.
· Now the skills are bought by points but since the system of the new influence is not implemented yet and the way to acquire this points neither, in this version you'll start with 100 points to buy all skills.
· Most of the skills now try to show the difference between the villagers, with ragdolls or a new set of villagers made by pieces.
· Most of the actions implemented (still some magic actions left and some the physical actions, without the animation done, too. The skill tree needs to be updated with this physical actions too).
· Elana can transform herself before doing the actions and most of the times the result will be different.
· Provisional texts for the actions. Only in Spanish and will probably be changed.
· Implemented ragdolls in the forest, market and farms.
· Texts for the observing events in the mentioned areas are implemented but the farms are only available in Spanish and the text needs to be revised.
· Since the influence system is not implemented, every time you make an action, the area will level up and the observing events will change to make it possible to see all of them.
· Now the game have 3 slots to save. Right now only save the time, but it's ready to save all the features in future.

Chapter 1 Beta 1.6 upgrades:

· Added 7 images for observing events on the tavern.
· Added 6 images for observing events on the farms.
· Added 2 images for observing events on the academy

Hope you'll enjoy it! ^^


  1. where can we play the public release?

    1. Here. On the top of this blog you'll find two links to chapter 1 and chapter two. When I uploaded the page with the new files, saw they were not loading, and was because my browser was blocking them.

  2. Cant find the link for the chapter 2

    1. Top of the blog, near the chapter two. The browser might be blocking it

  3. It's not loading chapter 2, chapter 1 loads up just fine, but when I go to chapter 2 I just get a blank screen

    1. The browser might be blocking it but it can be disabled usually

  4. I am very eager to play the new chapter but the chapter 2 is not work . so sad :c

    1. The browser might be blocking it but it can be disabled usually

    2. okay got it , but what should I do to solve this annoying problem ?

  5. how do you unblock it on chrome

    1. When happened to me a shield icon appeared on the top right of the browser and was able to disable it by clicking on it and choose to allow it.

  6. but there is not shield icon on top of my browser (google chrome)