Saturday, December 3, 2016

Loola, north hunter.

"Quick take of your pants!" "Why?!" "We have to get warm or we could die!"

Uncensored image available for $10+ patrons.

I take the opportunity to make the weekly report too :P

U53ful 1d1o7 and Xanazz worked on observing events for chapter two, Root worked on some images for the actions, some sponsored events and made half animation for actions too. Knot been working on the interface, building the areas, the events system and the new way to interact with the plain villagers. Also we have been discussing a lot about the new combat with more allies and the the way to collect ingredients and spirits.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. If I were to start joining your Patreon for the 10$ now, would this among the other images be available from then on? Pardon if this question seems redundant, don´t have any experience with Patreon.

    1. No problem ^^

      When you make a pledge of 10$ to us, with the other rewards, you get a month of access to our server with all images and animations updated there but every month the password change and if you are no longer a patron of us you'll not be able to see the new password.