Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Training combat

I would like to point out, due to some complaints we recived lately, that this minigames and animations we post for $10+ patrons are just early access. Having the animation is not the same as include it into the game. Obiously include it into the game and make it work or have the proper events and mechanics ready for it, take more time and work. We just include it as soon as we got it in early access as it's written on the $10+ tier rewards since the begining of this Patreon campaing but that doesn't mean we are not already working to include it into the alphas.

(Other case is when we made animations or events asked as a reward from a patron and the part of the story where it fits it's not yet done, in wich case will be included when the developement reach that part)

Thanks for yout time and comprehension.

Minigame added in early access for $10+ patrons with the pass.

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