Thursday, December 17, 2015


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  1. If I may ask, what will Corruption do in the game if your planning to add it? If it is different from the other skills I mean...

    1. Just a tittle for the image right now. But maybe could be some spell for high levels it makes people became into some kind of furious lustfull mood or somthing like this.

    2. That seems like a good idea. I'd probably suggest something if it was one of the other "kind" of games I play, but don't really think I could come up with suggestion for this, lol. But yeah, that does seem like a good idea you guys got. And I just thought of a way the spell could be used just now.... Probably be able to be used in some events, describing what you just said could be done in the event with some event NPC's. Like that Dark Elf/Mountain Elf (Both seem pretty similar to me) and it makes her go cray cray with lust, as well as anyone else who is nearby. To be able to be strong enough to use this spell, maybe you'd need 100% Exp, with atleast 200-400 MP available. The spell also makes the NPC your ally/friend, and skip the other events that was supposed to happen later on with that event character. And you'll be able to ask her the questions of some sort. (Example: For the Dark Elf/Mountain Elf, you get her to tell you why she's here and what's her purpose and stuff, and that she'll help you spread the influence over in her village) Anyway's can't think right now no more, so yeah. But still, you guys got a good idea going on.

    3. That's a good idea ^^

      I was thinking too in some kind spell on a unique villager, wich could turn him into some beast somtimes (somthing like werewolfs but without the phisic transformation and with lust :P) or somthing bigger like what happens in the movie Kingsman but with lust.

      Anyway if we add this it will go near the end of the game so there is time to think about it.