Sunday, December 27, 2015

Comments on game page

Seems we have reached a maximum comments on the game page and we can't aswer them (we should but for some reason doesn't charge). We'll soon close the comments on that page and respond them on this post.



    ·Anon:So if I donated $10 now, how long would I have to wait to be sent the patreon version?
    Knot: We send the info after the pledges are charged, usually day 6 of next month of your pledge

    ·Unknown: When you guys finish the game, will the patreon content be available for free or at least paid ( for the full game )? And if paid, extimate the price?
    Knot: For free :)

    ·Anon: great game one of the best adult game i've played. i have a suggestion. make it so that the ammount of influence you have on each area affect different aspects of the game. the only example i can think of right now is you can make it so the more influence you have in the castle, the better your chances to win a battle, or the lower the chances theyll catch you or something like that. if every area would have a different aspect of the game it affects, it would add another layer to the the game and make it feel more whole as a world. at least thats my opinion. nevertheless, amazing game so far. keep it up.

    Knot: It's a good idea, we'll have it in mind and consider it when we'll finish the basic mechanics.

    ·Anon: I found a bug where the game doesn't display your influence in an area, nor does it show your chance of getting caught. You might of already fixed this, but I dunno. It's a major improvement. Also, I don't think you've implemented arousal correctly? But I love this, I can't wait to see the final stuff. Awesome art. 10/10.
    This is the anon about the bug; The bug occurs when Elisa finds the sigil in the field.
    Knot: We know, it's on our to do list. Can be "fixed" saving and loading the game. Even so, thanks for point it and for the kind words ^^

    ·Anon: I can see the logo but then the screen goes black? Any ideas how I can fix this?
    Knot: Try updating the last flash player version on your browser

    ·Anon: gracias por el juego en español
    Knot: aún no está actualizado, pero lo estará en un par de meses ^^

    ·Anon: hay un bugg cuando voy a la tienda del bosque
    Knot: Gracias, lo miraremos.

    ·Tola:Bug with buying the health book from the Forest: you can't get out of the buy screen. You can click and click the 'X' and not go out of the buy screen, nor can you exit the area. Shame really.

    New ranks of those powers that can be upgraded don't do anything; they adon't do their job better in any way, nor are less costly. This is mildly forgivable, though annoying.

    Spontaneous Arousal doesn't show it's success chance in the selection menu like the other moves.

    Study and Train show nice animations, but I can't tell if they DO anything currently.

    Though you can attack Lust via Taunt in battle, it doesn't kill the target-you HAVE to do health damage to end the fight. Since you also can't run, that could be a problem.

    Several 'choice' dialogue boxes have four choices, but are all empty. You have no idea what you're selecting. This has occurred with the forest witch and the elf up to now.

    'A.Supplies' seems massively over-costed.

    I supposedly earned wages at the farm, but my money is still zero. Also it's unclear how you can meet her and earn again.

    For some reason, after a rest, the main screen didn't work.

    I got to 100% EXP, but never levelled up.

    -Bought the dimensional potion. Was not expecting that.

    Regardless...Afterwards, It took the green sigil I had from the farm rather than the potion from my inventory. Thankfully I had a save from beforehand...

    -Skip Event button doesn't always work.

    Knot: Some of it it's not implemented and some fixed in future versions but thanks, we'll check everything to see if everything works fine.

  2. Is the most up to date version on the patreon download link the alpha14.rar?

    1. Nevermind, assuming I was on the wrong page. Just used the Alpha195 link, so is that the most up to date version?

  3. Is it fair to say that at the moment the spells are pretty pointless (apart from to see the graphics)? They all cost action points and as they only add 2 influence, physical actions have more benefit. The exception is the A. Supplies which would be worth casting if it affected all areas as the description says but currently only affects the Square.

    I should add that I'm currently playing the 0.9(.5?) alpha Flash game.

    1. Magic give more exp. and physical give more influence, but everything needs to be balanced in future

  4. Sorry, I meant to add that as experience currently only allows you to add new skills, gaining experience is at the moment of limited use. Unless of course it is actually possible to level up and I have just missed something.
    I realise that the game is still in progress, I just wanted to check that I wasn't being dim :)

    1. When finished Elana could be able to evolve a couple of times and every time she evolves will have a whole new group of skills to learn ^^