Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Alpha 1.4 for patreons


-3 more imeges at the farms.
-3 more images and an animation at the square.
-1 more animation at the forest.
-Foreplay can be upgraded one more time with two more animations.
-Added public masturbation action.
-Added seductive walkabout action.
-Added Rala. 5 events can appear at the forest (10% chance)
-Added Kaeryn. 5 events can appear at all locations (10% chance)
-Now progress can be saved.
-Bat events improved (just a little glimpse of what is going to be)

Recode it's half made but has not been finished. We'll release another alpha at the
middle of the month with the redode done, the gallery upgraded and the extra content we can add until then.

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