Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Organization chart

Well, this is more or less what we are planing to do as a structure of the game.

It’s not immovable (we are already changed things last month so...) but it will be a guide to us to follow.

1. Area: Every area will have its own events and singualar character events for each level.

2. Level: It will be 3 different levels with its own events although events from lower levels will have a chance to appear to add more possibilities.

3. Events: Events will have more or less chances to apper when Elana is observing the area dependig on wich point of it she is (experience).

4. Quest events: Some events will send Elana to a quest.

5. Bad events: Depending on the level when Elana fail to perform some actions bad events will be shown. Some of them will have consecuences but Elana could may fight some of them at some point.

6. Rituals: Each level will have a low ritual and a high ritual to recharge the magic points.

7. Physical action talents: Actions Elana will learn througt levels.

8. Magical actions: Powers and actions Elana will learn throught levels.

9. Subactions: Soma actions (like summon minions) will lead to some more actions.

10. Singular characters: every area will have a chance to show its own singular character to interact and a lower chance to show a secundary singular character (you will have 35% chance to find Rala in the forest but just 15% to find the twin bards for example).

11. Singular character actions: Singular characters will have its own physical and magical actions to perform with.

12. Singular character events: Also they will have its own events.

If you have any doubt, just ask, with a comment or an e-mail :)

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