Monday, June 29, 2015

Alpha 0.9.6 for patrons and Alpha 0.8 public release

Mondays can have good things but they usually have more last minute problems ^^u

Sorry about the delay.

Alpha 0.9.6 for patrons


·Added music and sounds (not everywhere and some has to be adjusted or fixed, especially on the intro).
·Added music and sound volume control.
·When you fail on an action an event appear.
·You can perform 3 magical actions.
·Added background for church, market and forest.
·Now church, market, tabern and forest have 12 to 14 events (most of them just text).  As the area get more influence the events you can see will change.
·You can perform rituals to charge magic points.


·Some texts (like the ones of magical actions are not corrected or definitive)

Alpha 0.8 public release 


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