Sunday, May 3, 2015

(Sketch / Concept) Tina, the farmer


  1. Tina - the farmer
    The titts of tina should be smaller and stronger
    she should have shame hair makes her older and more mature
    for her working cloth i say paint it 'rosa' it's not pink

  2. I'm not satisfied with that concept. I will consider your advice.

  3. I think a whole farm family, with different animals on the farm. Maybe the daughter is brushing the horse at the farm, the mom in the kitchen, dad repairing a fence, and son can be milkinging a cow, or feeding pigs, etc. So much goes on at a farm why not have different areas and different things happening. Heck can even give more than one child there too

    1. It's a good idea (well, there are no sons or doughters in the island but we could make it fit somehow). It would be the best if every are has lots of places. We thought about it, but first we'll make more general events (except for the singular characters). For now maybe there is an event of farmer reparing the fence, for example, but it will be some random farmer not someone specific.
      I don't know if i'm explaining it very well ^^u.
      The thing is, this is a kind of game that can grow and be upgraded as long as we can afford keep working on it, even after the game is fully playable. So we'll work in that direction.