Sunday, May 3, 2015

Next update

In three weeks or a month we will release our Alfa 1 version.
What we are planning to do:

· Correct language
· Structure of the game
· Add lots of events (some of them will be just text, some others an sketch but it will be playable)
· Add comon villagers and make them appear randomly
· Event will affect your xp points, energy and magic points.
· At least 4 finished picture events
· At least 2 finished animation event.


  1. Looking forward for this !

  2. I discovered your game yesterday .
    I'll be watching for any news about it !

  3. SO COOL!!!! I CAN"T WAIT!

  4. Played your demo yesterday on Games of desire. I absolutely love this type of game, I can't wait for it to grow!

  5. Played demo today on games of desire.Very impressed ! Much better than the usual crap....Keep up the good work :}

  6. Awesome, is there going to be monsters demons or animals as well? or a bad/good system? But who cares LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

    1. It's planned some monsters or demons and we did not think about any bad/good system but it could be fun. We'll think about it. Even so, we are still very far from implement something like that.

      Thanks for your comment.