Wednesday, April 29, 2015

(sketch / concept) Twin bards

These are the twin bards. They escaped from the elf kingdom of the mountains and now survive singing songs at the tavern.

(sketch / concept) Rala, forest witch

Rala, forest witch. She is a singular character you will found usually at the forest. Her power makes her different from most people on the island and she will probably will sell you some usefull stuff... for a good price.

(sketch / concept) Plain villagers

Main screen

Here is were you are going to play. Choose were you want to go and what you want to do, see your stats, your skills...

Old animation

Here is an animation we made but we finally discarded it.

(Sketch / Concept) Elana evolutions

Our protagonit it's going to level up and she will evolve. Here are some possible evolutions and concepts.

Meet Elana

We present Elana, the cheerful fairy who will star the game.

About us and the blog

We are a team of two members (programmer and artist) who are making an adult game called Elana Champion of Lust. In this blog we will post our public releases of updates of the game, what we are plannig to do, story of the game, concept art, sketches...
We think this game it's going to be simple but very fun to play.
We hope you'll enjoy it as well as the process ^^.
(Since we are not native english please forgive probable mistakes)