Wednesday, April 4, 2018

General Cliff

New singular character for the renegades area. 
Our 10$+ patrons can watch his standing animation in early access with buttons to change his facial expressions.


  1. I have played Chapter 1 completely and I am testing Chapter 2, and I must say that I like the game a lot, but in relation to the plot it has some flaws.

    the idea that elana is a champion in favor of lust is quite original, but the development of it does not fit, as things go the game will become a pitched battle between the forces that support the church of thalos and the that support elana.

    this is a very recurring theme, and if it's true it has worked with other stories and other games but we can change that a bit

    so to summarize and not extend my comment this is my proposal:
    - create 2 argumental paths, elana becomes a force of good rivaling the church of thalos, or being a force of evil and antagonist.

    What would happen in each option? Well, let's start with the first one:

    Elena can not be a force of good as if nothing (and much less if her way of making money is stealing) not only needs to earn money to free her people, money, she also needs to earn fame, hunt criminals and dangerous monsters (using her lusty arts of course) would give him fame and force the church of Thalos to change his violent inquisitors for eudits with good arguments to face the woman who wins more acceptance among the people.

    and what if elana wants to be evil, well do not steal much help, unless there is a criminal syndicate, but I think that if a new character is added to the style "dark vader" that is, an ally with the tendency of corrupting and turning evil people would be easily solved, currently that character does not exist since all the characters allied to elana are on the "correctro" side. not even the witch would guide her on such a path, in terms of spirit, he is a totally separate class. Seriously, you need an evil ally.

    I still have not finished trying chapter 2, it has many details that I have to discover, maybe some of the things I have proposed already exists, but if you have any doubts, here is my comment

    1. Hi!

      The thing is... We already have the plot planed since the beginning (not everything but the main lines), a plot that we haven't shown yet :P The fight against the church it's just a small part of it. In next public version we'll release there is some events during night that show some glimpses of it (hint: one is in the church). Also chapter 2 is still some months away from being finished.

      Even so... Your idea looks amazing. We would love to do something with that general lines in future projects. Not easy though. When you do this kind of games well done, the amount of work increases exponentially with the development :P