Saturday, February 24, 2018

Exclusive arts

· Party after party. Uncensored version already available for 1$+ patrons. 

· Natural medicine.  Uncensored version already available for 5$+ patrons.
“I ate that strange fruit and since then… Well… It looks like this… Do you have any natural medicine?”
“… I have some ideas…”

· Elana, Champion of light.  Uncensored version already available for 10$+ patrons.
???: Oh, praise the great Elana, Champion of light, high inquisitor! She, who descended to the abyss and slayed all demons to protect our world!
Elana: … Well… It was more like a deal…
???: You said something, oh, great Champion of light?!
Elana: Eh… No… Nothing. It was a pleasures. (smile and wave)

Also we have added another image to the old exclusive art section.


  1. when will the next public release of the alpha be

    1. On March but we'll release a short clip about Jane on Monday.