Thursday, October 12, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Villager: But… But you said trick or treat… And I gave you candies…
Rala: *SLURP* *GLUP* Raisins are not candies! You sick crook! These Werewolf seem satisfied to you with your “candies”?! *SLURP*
Lily:  I’m not satisfied! I’m a good girl!
Aly: I… Am… NOT! YUM!
Villager: AGHh! Careful!
Kaeryn: Enough complains. We gave you a choice. You chose. Now you pay.
Jane: Could you… Could you at least close the curtains?
Rala: *SLURP* Oh! Cut the shit, fake witch! Standing there with your prudery. You are looking forward to join but you have to stand there giving the speech to feel superior or something. Join or leave.

Elana: Leave her alone, Rala. You know she’s shy. Maybe she just want to watch and masturbate. And you! What’s wrong? Shall we stop or what?

Villager: Um… Well… The thing is… No… But you said trick or treat and…

Elana: THEN SHUT UP MORTAL! Your essence now belongs to me and I’ll make sure to suck every last drop of it! MUHUHAHAHA!

Knot Games team wish you unsuspected, healthy, happy and very dirty porn situations this Halloween.

Have a happy Halloween!
(We know it’s a little early but you know how this things works this days. We could be wishing merry christmas and it would be late for some people :P)


  1. Amazing work, as always -- wishing everyone a great All Hallows' Eve!

  2. You did it again, guys. I didn't expect a drawing this amazing. You take good care of your fanbase! Awesome work, keep it up