Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Alpha 1.2 Chapter 2 public release

·Now the Peace Guard will take some of the villagers to the prison. If the day ends and you haven’t expelled the Peace Guard from the area, they could take the villagers who Elana has interacted with.
· In order to set them free, Elana must go to the prison and pay a fee.
· New “Stealing game” interface added (and the issues there should be fixed).
· New “Stealing game” tutorial added.· Added male elf town with about 7 events.´· Added a new zone, the Square, with 12 events.
· Added backgrounds for the fighting screen.
· Added a new Arrow Mark that will point to the acting enemy.
· Added a new button to flee from the fight.
· Added new button background in the fighting screen interface for the current usable potions.
· Added Kaeryn as a Elegible singular character friend to help in the fights.
· Added the ultimate attack for the Spirit of Lust during fights.
· Added 2 animations for anal sex with the villagers. 
· Added 2 animations for Kaeryn doing sex actions with the villagers (Needs to be unlocked with Kaeryn events).
· Added sound for most of the actions of Elana with the villagers and some events.
· Added 7 images for observing events in the houses.
· Added 5 images for observing events in the female elves town.
· Added 3 images for observing events in the male elves town.
· Added 2 images for observing events in the square.
· Added 2 images (one during night) in the renegades village.
· Added 2 images for observing events in the tavern.
· Fixed an error that made Kaeryn appear at the houses when it wasn’t supposed to.
· Fixed a bug where Rala actions wouldn’t appear after loading a game.
· Fixed a bug where the second allied spirit wouldn’t show in the fighting screen.
· Fixed a bug where a non visible enemy would appear in the fighting screen.
·Fixed a bug that made Fury basic attacks to regenerate the target’s mana/rage points.
· Now Kaeryn properly reduces the difficulty to steal from the villagers.
· Peace Guards Emblems are now visible from outside the zone they’re acting.
· Fixed a bug that made the game crash when visiting the Female Elf city.
· After leaving the Female Elf city, you’ll skip the elven mountain guards.
· Fixed the performance’s descriptions from singular characters to the villagers.
· Adjusted the effects from Rala’s first combat skill.
· Fixed and added proper descriptions for all the available items of the game (such as potions, amulets, trinkets…)
· Fixed and adjusted almost all the battle log descriptions.
· Adjusted the social actions and magic powers menu.
· Added “Check point password”. Now when you’ll have an area (except the square) 100% influenced, you’ll receive a password to introduce in future versions and have the areas influenced again and avoid to replay everything again every time, skipping the problems that cause to load saves from older versions. This will happen to with the spirits you create and for now there is a check point password for fury and pride. To introduce them press 0 in the map screen to open the input box, enter the password and press 0 again.


  1. The poor people appreciate it

  2. Tried to start the game, but it was VERY slow. I upgraded to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and then tried to run it again. The game stopped load at 11 or 12 % multiple times.......Any ideas what the issue is ?

    1. Seems something with our server. We are working on it but meanwhile you can try with the download version (the link is right under the game window).

    2. refreshing the page has been working for me.

  3. hey guys, i cant seem to craft any of the spirits, ive got the jars, but they dont show up in my inventory unless im trading with rala. really wanna progress with spirits but cant

    1. We'll check it, but check if you can use them in the cloning zone. You should be able to create a spirit once you have 10 essences of their type.

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  5. For the first town, progress on the Square seems to reset after a save & close. Have identified every villager there 2 or 3 times over at this point.

  6. Como se hacen los items, porque yo los uno en la maquina del laboratorio pero no me hace nada, acaso aun no se puede?

    1. Si que se puede pero no todos las combinaciones tienen resultado aún.

  7. Have been playing the Alpha 1.2 Public release. Have only been able to create Fury & Pride but have not seen any check point passwords for them. I am assuming the other spirits will be added in later versions. The inventory has Amulets for Fury & Pride. What do you have to do to get check point passwords for the Spirits, as you wrote in the Upgrades Section for Alpha 1.2 Public ?

    1. We saw we forgot to include them. We'll fix it.