Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Twinsted Sisters!

"The legend says The Twinsted Sisters always picked some of their fans after their shows to have a party in the backstage".

Happy new year everyone!

We are back to work. Our bodies and minds are already fully operative and recovered from new year eve paties and our energy is fully recharged after this week of rest.

The uncensored exclusive art is already available for our $10+ patrons. We have another picture, christmas themed, half made but too many mistakes were made and will not be finished. We'll probably publish it when we'll make our fail compilation... We'll do one for Valentine's day to compensate ^^u

By the way, we already have the first alpha for chapter 2 released for our $1+ patrons. It will be a public release of it in a month, but if you can't or not want to wait for it you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/elanachampionoflust


  1. when will chapter 2 be released to public?

  2. why all your art works like this one are always amazing? ^^ (will they be uncensored for free?) really amazing work you do

    1. Thanks ^^

      Maybe one day when we'll have enough as a reward for our patrons to release some of them for free.

    2. and what about for free users? i would want to see all of your awesome artworks

    3. Maybe when we'll have 30-40 exclusive images, we'll start publishing the old ones.

    4. Really thx, that would be really cool!