Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back door

New exclusive 

Uncensored version added for 10+ patrons.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fairy nest


New exclusive by U53ful 1d1o7.

Added for $10+ patrons.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Alpha 2.0 for patrons / Alpha 1.9.9 public release

Okey people, I'm afraid this new alpha it going to have a little lack of new content but we had made some big changes on the interface. This changes has forced us to settle down almost everything in the game and probably some new bugs could appear (although we didn't found much of them while checking). This new interface it's a little experiment and we'll like to know what do you think about. Also, we could made some adjustments on it during the developement.

Hope you like it ^^

Alpha 2.0


- Now inside the areas you'll find some "avatars" or "ragdolls" representing the events, the characters or the villagers to perform actions.
Clicking on them will display the buttons to perform the corresponding actions.
- There is two types of observing ragdolls, the ones of a single event or the ones for chained event. The first one will change while the area is more influenced and the second ones will remain until been seen.

- Ragdolls for singular characters will start appearing in the area after reached 10 or 20 of influence and will have a chance to apear every time you enter the area. Maybe in future this chance of appearing will be after every action or, if we make time system for the day passing, maybe a button to wait and refresh the area. We'll see)
- New villagers designs updated.

- Now when choosing the action ragdolls, you'll see some random villagers and you'll be able to choose the one you want to perform the action with (some of the images and the animations will need to be adapted for that. Now maybe you choose a bald bearded men to perform a kiss and there is a chance that the image of Elana kissing a blonde girl could apear and things like this...).

- Now Rala's shop have different "pages" to advance (the flute is in the second one and it's a little difficult to see).
- The castle it's closed for now.

- Some minor adjustments on the game (easier training minigames, less lost of influence when resting, change the position of the name of the mountain...)

Known bugs or little things we have to fix:

- Rala doesn't greet when you come to the shop.

- Wet's crystal may not work.

- Some skins of the villagers could have some changes in the singular characters events.

- Some singular characters doesn't have their corresponding avatar while talking.

- Sometimes the animation of the action buttons freezes.

- The skip button in the intro doesn't have the word skip.

- Also some skips must be added.

- Some titles of the actions and/or descriptions could appear incomplete and needs to be adjusted.

Alpha 1.9.9: