Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ritual 3 (sponsored animation)

Elana has found a new way to recharge her magic points.

Animation added for our $10+ patrons.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Third villagers design

This is somthing we wanted to do almost after we finished the last design and, this month, since we had touch some parts involving them, we decided to redo it.

Little dress up added for $10+ patrons.

But wait... third design? Yes, there was a primal design we wanted to bury, but now, enough time has passed to laugh about what was our shame.

Unpublished design (open only if you are very curious and want to be desapointed):http://img110.xooimage.com/files/d/f/f/sin-t-tulo-10-4e2c4d4.jpg

Monday, January 18, 2016

Artist news!

Today we want to introduce you two great artist who are helping us try to make this little project somthing great!

First U53ful 1d1o7, who will start working with us, helping with the exclusive art, events and what's needed to star making better and more complete alpha releases. Here is a glimpsee of his great work:

And pToon-T another awsome artist, who's helping us with some concepts we'll probably add to the game (almost sure we got a way to implement some of thit work in the game, without redoing what we already got, at some part of the game :P), and with the mechanics of the game. Here is some of his beautiful concepts:

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Alpha 1.9.9 Patreon release and Alpha 1.9.5 public release

With the power of one thousand coffees and a hundred cups of instant noodles we finally got it!

This month we had a couple of problems with the timing. We didn't expect cleaning the intro and the writing was going to take us so much time. We expected it for the minigames and it really was quite time :p but still quite happy with the upgrades. Hope you like it.

Alpha 1.9.9


· Cleaned code on the intro
· Training combat minigeme (upgrade the damage in combat)
· Study minigame (now you start with less max. magic points and study increase it)
· Training strength minigame (now you start with less max. energy points and training increase it)
· The books you can buy at Rala's shop upgrade the results of trainings and study.
· New events for the academy (Althoug you'll have to complete some events to access inside. Only text and a new background for the door)
· Mage outfit for Elana.
· Now you can find Loola in the market (3 images and a minigame).
· Now you can find Supreme sister Jane in the church (9 images and a small animation)
· Some minnor interface addjustments.

Known bugs:

· If the auto-observe is activated, first time you find a singular character a frame apears out of places but the event starts normally after a mouse click.
· In a fight if you do the “fucktality” and the oral female animation apears you'll see the crazy tits bug.
· In a fight if you do the “fucktality” the music of the action stays until the end of the fight.

Alpha 1.9.5: