Friday, October 9, 2015

Alpha 1.6 for patrons

Updates (from 1.4):

∙You can go to Rala's shop (unlocked after some Rala events)
∙Money (you can buy potions at Rala's shop but doesn't cost money yet).
∙Trainng strength and combat skill (only visual. In future will upgrade total enegy points and physical damage for combat).
∙Study (only visual. In future will upgrade total magic points).
∙Steal (Add money)

∙Now when you hit on an area you'll enter the area an then choose the actions.
∙Now the abilities show the chance to success and costs when the mouse is on them.
∙Every time you pass the day you'll lose 5 influence on every area (probably, as lots of things inside the game we'll have to balance it).
∙When getting caught you'll have to answer questions. If your answer isn't corret a bar will apear an you'll have to click to see what happens (green escape, yellow fight, red go to jail).
∙When you go to jail you'll have to click on the bar again (red stay another night, yellow scape when the guards are distracted, green escape seducing the guards). Every day you'll stay inside the jail you'll lose 5 influence aswell.
∙Basic combats. If you lose you'll go to jail.
∙Skill trees now are separated (“chores” tree don't have specific icons for it's habilities yet)
∙Kaeryn event now have more choices.
∙3 images for events added at the market.
∙2 Image events added at the tabern
∙2 image events added at the farms.
∙Added castle background
∙Added square background.
∙Gallery updated (+10$ patrons)

 Lots of sounds are missing. We'll fix it and upgrade it for next alpha.

Known bugs:
∙If you don't have any sound device conectet to your pc the game will not start.
∙Sometimes you don't have enough exp. to upgrade an skill but the symbol is still illuminted as you can buy it.
∙While in combat if you have to fight with 3 enemys you can sellect them but the pointer doesn't apear on the third one.
∙Some time when a combat ends there is an extra atack.
∙Some time you have to do an extra click.


  1. strength (t before h)
    abilities (no h on the front)

  2. the public release It will not be updated?

  3. This game is taking form Elana gogo!

  4. Hi I am a bit annoyed and confused here...I have paid now for 3 months with standing order thru my bank I have no email access to the new game 1.6 alpha and patreon still says i am not a subscriber !!!??? can you help please kind regards pete.

    1. Hi,

      You apear as one of our patreons and everything seems to be ok. Also you should got the message we've sent this month with the pass for the server. About the 1.6 you could download it from our posts being a $1+ patreon. If you didn't get the message or can't see the post only thing that comes to my mind is you could be logged with another patreon acount but I now it's not probable.
      If you sitill have problems with it, please send us a message to using the mail you used to register on patreon (just to check your identity) and we'll find a solution.